The story behind Neliane

The driving force behind fashion label Neliane is Karine Tollenare.

As a lymphedema patient she found it very hard to find elegant clothes that flattered her figure, yet were comfortable enough to wear.

But then again, thought Karine, isn't that what every woman wants? To shine in an outfit that masks the somewhat bigger tummy, arms and legs? 

So Karine teamed up with genuine fashion experts and in 2018 she launched the first Neliane collection.

Comfofashion for every woman

Every piece in the Neliane collection has been designed with love and care. We want it to look and feel absolutely great on your body, in every size.

Moreover, we bring you durable clothes with a unique design and one goal only: to celebrate the assets of the female body. 

With our comfofashion we want to dress every woman in comfort & elegance. 


Because she simply deserves it.

PASSEN IN ALLE RUST?Welkom bij Karine thuis in Lokeren 

Zij ontvangt je graag met een kopje koffie of thee:

  • elke dinsdag      18:00 - 20:30

  • elke zaterdag    10:00 - 12:00

Maak vlug jouw afspraak! Bel of mail Karine.​

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